20 Facts About the Growth of Mobile

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Mobile Usage

1) 87% of American adults own a cell phone. (Source: Pew Research Center) Tweet this stat! 2) 51% of mobile traffic is sent from mobile video. (Source: Cisco) 3) 29% of Americans say their phone is the first and last thing they look at every day. (Source: Qualcomm) stat! 4) 44% of cell phone users have slept with their cell phone by their side so they didn’t miss a notification. (Source: Pew Research Center) 5) The average age for a person’s first cell phone is now 13. (Source: Qualcomm) 6) 31% of adults own a tablet device. (Source: Pew Research Center)

Social Media

7) 15% of U.S. mobile internet time is spent on social networking sites. (Source: Experian) 8) 60% of users access Twitter through mobile. (Source: Twitter) 9) On LinkedIn, there are 45 million people searches a month. (Source: LinkedIn) 10) Mobile advertising is 30% of Facebook’s ad revenue. (Source: Facebook)

Mobile Shopping

11) 41% of people have used a mobile device to browse for a product after seeing it in a show or advertisement. (Source: eDigitalResearch) 12) Mobile accounted for 16.3% percent of all online Black Friday sales in 2012. (Source: IBM) 13) 53% of shoppers compare in-store prices to online prices while shopping. (Source: Google) 14) 36% of shoppers search for other store locations on their phones while shopping in store. (Source: Google)

Mobile Payments

15) It’s estimated that 1 in 5 smartphones worldwide will be NFC enabled by 2014. (Source: Juniper Research) 16) The mobile payment industry is forecasted to account for as much as $1 trillion in global transactions by 2015. (Source: Heavy Reading Networks Insider) 17) 44% of smartphone owners in the US say they are interested in making in-person payments with their devices. (Source: Harris Interactive (pdf) ) 18) 61% of US consumers believe that smartphone payments will eventually replace credit card payments for most purchases at stores. (Source: Harris Interactive (pdf) )

Mobile Content Consumption

19) 80% of smartphone owners and 81% of tablet owners use their devices in front of the television. (Source: eDigitalResearch) 20) 23% of Americans now get news on a combination of at least two devices–a desktop/laptop computer and smartphone, a computer and a tablet, a tablet and a smartphone, or on all three. (Source: Pew Research Center) – See more